Celebrated Trials

Select items from our historic collection of hundreds of trials for murder, high treason, impeachment, poisoning, piracy, and murder on the high seas which includes official transcripts of trials, confessions and narrative accounts of cases in Great Britain and America since 1710.  Highlights of our collection include the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson of 1868, The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators, 1865, Aaron Burr’s treason trial, 1808, and many more including the original set (42 volumes) of the official record of The Nuremberg Trials, 1947-1949, the Trial of John Peltier, esq for a Libel Against Napoleon Buonoparte, and the notable John Peter Zenger case which laid the foundation for freedom of the press in America.


Exhibit Curator: Ellyssa Kroski