Celebrated Trials


Celebrated Trials


An historic collection of hundreds of trials for murder, high treason, impeachment, poisoning, piracy, and murder on the high seas which includes official transcripts of trials, confessions and narrative accounts of cases in Great Britain and America since 1710. Highlights of our collection include the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson of 1868, The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators, 1865, Aaron Burr’s treason trial, 1808, and many more including the original set (42 volumes) of the official record of The Nuremberg Trials, 1947-1949, the Trial of John Peltier, esq for a Libel Against Napoleon Buonoparte, and the notable John Peter Zenger case which laid the foundation for freedom of the press in America.

Collection Items

Proceedings in the Ku Klux trials at Columbia, S.C., in the United States Circuit Court, November term, 1871
These are the actual trial transcripts of the Ku Klux Klan trials of the 19th century.

Buchanan Poisoning Case
This New York trial was significant as it was one of the earliest trials to be fought almost entirely on forensic science testimony.

A compleat history of the whole proceedings of the Parliament of Great Britain against Dr. Henry Sacheverell with his tryal before the House of Peers : for high crimes and misdemeanors, the reasons of those Lords that enter'd their protests and the speeches of several Lords before judgment was given.
A popular preacher at Oxford University, Henry Sacheverell independently published his controversial sermon in which he attacked Catholics by comparing the Gunpowder Plot to the execution of Charles I.
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